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Is Your Security Ready for the Winter Risks?

The clocks have gone back, marking the start of the season of long nights and cold weather. But the winter months mean more than just darker commutes and higher heating bills, it’s also the time that businesses are most at risk of break ins. A 2013 study by the Office for National Statistics found a spike in business robberies starting in November, peaking at 22.8% in January. The numbers are clear: as the nights get longer, criminals get bolder. Throughout […]

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‘Tis the Season for Break Ins

Christmas is fast approaching as we enter peak season for break ins. Businesses across the UK prepare for goods to fly off their shelves while logistics gear up to move stock from warehouse to store and from store to customer. But on the outskirts another type of business watches with hungry eyes waiting for the chance to strike on a weak link in the chain. Most criminals don’t steal so they can keep the goods, they’re stealing so that they […]

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