Key Factors to Consider for Student Accommodation Security

There are a number of factors to consider when looking at implementing a security provision for your student accommodation. Security for students and student accommodation means more than just protecting belongings and personal space, it should also consider the wider surroundings and also the welfare of the students.

In this article we will consider all of the factors that should influence the selection of the right security provision for student accommodation and what is required to fully protect people, spaces, equipment and places.

Student accommodation security is not only there to provide site security in one particular area, the accommodation for students encompasses a more ‘village’ feel that offers so much more than just a room. There are various ‘spaces’ that require security provision such as catering areas, bar and party spaces, quiet areas and social areas. All this is offered outside of the security provision of the place of study. It is in the public domain. This influences the key points to consider that inform the nature of the security provision.

But there is so much more that student accommodation security can provide. Security guards can take on operational tasks that are specific to the student accommodation facility. These can be identified, agreed and resourced appropriately. These tasks are then reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Student accommodation security has a key role to play ensuring student welfare. There are functional aspects such as keeping students and their property safe as well as the softer skills of active listening and being friendly so that students feel safe and secure.

Universities and security duty of care

Universities have a duty of care to provide safe and secure surrounding for their students. More often than not students coming to the university will be unfamiliar with the area, the surrounding and it will probably be the first time they have been away from home and living on their own. A lot of things will be new to them and security (personal and possessions) may not be forefront of mind.

Things the university should have in place from a security perspective

When selecting the right accommodation there are a number of security provisions the university premises should have in place, such as:

Student accommodation security is also able to assist visitors and students as they have detailed knowledge about the site, providing added value where required. Well trained security guards should also be able to not only assist with any emergencies on site but help identify potential risks to limit them becoming a bigger emergency or issue.

What else you should expect from your student accommodation security

Highly trained professional security guards that are fully vetted and profiled to ensure they are matched to the organisations requirements.

Student accommodation security provided by the right organisation should be able to give an added value security provision to your organisation, they can help with safeguarding our young people. Security guards are the people on site who see the students everyday, patterns develop and no one is better placed to see changes in these patterns. When you see the same person day in day out, relationships are formed and trust starts to build. The students may need someone to talk to at the early hours of the morning, the security guard may be that person who is able to provide advice, guidance help or support.

What to expect when selecting student accommodation security

When selecting security guards for your security provision, you need to ensure that not only are they fully trained, qualified and licensed to do the job but that they are empathetic and have a sense of duty and personal protection when dealing with students.

As well as being available to students in the background for all their security needs they can also help educate and advise on the usual tips for keeping safe such as:

Security provision working to deliver a return on investment

Whatever solution your organisation chooses to implement, it should be from a security supplier that is able to adapt to your organisation’s requirements. Whether you require a team of security guards, security monitoring equipment or individual guards your provider should be able to scale up or down quickly and efficiently for a seamless security provision.

Your student accommodation security provision should add extra value and by mitigating the risks of significant cost associated with the disruption of business operations and damage to reputation and credibility will provide a true ROI.

Through extensive experience, the team at Magenta Security is able to offer tailored and flexible solutions that set the standard for every security requirement. We are a member of the ACS scheme, which we joined at inception in 2006. Over the years we have constantly achieved a rating that put us in the top 5% of members based on performance. To find out more about a security service that provides true added value, get in touch today and see how we can help your business achieve its security objectives. Our team of experts will discuss your specific requirements and provide a tailored quote to meet your needs.

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