Simple Security Tips for Your Manufacturing or Construction Site

Manufacturing businesses and construction sites face unique risks over the Christmas period. While you may be enjoying time with friends and family, criminals are on the hunt for empty, unprotected sites that are often in areas that are completely empty over the holidays. No one wants to come back from their break to have to deal with police reports, insurance claims and lost business, so here are some simple security tips to keep your manufacturing business or construction site safe this Christmas and beyond.

Secure your materials and equipment

One of the biggest threats that manufacturing businesses and construction sites face any time of year, but particularly when closed over the holidays, is the theft of materials. Copper, lead and other raw materials can be easily sold and are non-identifiable, making them irresistible for any criminal with a van. Even railway lines fall victim to their copper wiring being stripped.

Keep any raw materials as well secured as possible or move them off site entirely. If you must keep them on your premises, make sure they’re not visible through a window or any other opening and use blinds or shutters to block any views inside. Criminals are far less likely to risk breaking in if they don’t know what they’re going to get out of it.

Any equipment or machinery that won’t be in use on a construction site over the Christmas period should be securely locked away – ideally somewhere alarmed and monitored – or taken off site. Construction equipment and machinery are particularly popular targets as there is a constant demand for them and plenty of buyers.

Protect the site with security services

If you have a manufacturing business that depends on valuable, rare equipment to stay operational, you should consider investing in additional security over the holiday period to protect from theft, vandalism and floods. Static guards are available for as long or short term as you need them, and can catch any break ins or leaks before significant damage is caused.

For construction sites, consider at least a mobile patrol that can do daily check-ups on the site not just in the event of a break in or theft, but also to make sure that any fencing or scaffolding is still intact, otherwise you might return to your site to find a list of health and safety issues that you need to corrected before you can return to work.

NEW: mobile CCTV towers

Our newest service is mobile CCTV towers, which are the perfect solution for a temporary increase in security presence on your site.

These towers are equipped with 360-degree CCTV cameras, flood lights and speakers and are remotely connected directly to our control room. If someone is trespassing on your site, our staff can warn them to leave and tell them that the police are being contacted.

Installation is as simple as wheeling the tower to the area of maximum visibility, then securing them. They can be powered either via mains, generators, fuel cells or solar power, letting them protect your site no matter where it’s placed. When you no longer need it, we’ll come and collect it.

We’re currently providing mobile CCTV towers in a limited quantity but we will be massively increasing their availability in the new year.

Call our award-winning customer service team now 0800 772 3786 to secure your business over the Christmas holiday.

Abbey Petkar

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