How to Choose Your Security Company in London

Selecting a security company in London should go far beyond looking at how much it costs. But all too often overall price dominates the services that people opt for.

The security industry is riddled with ‘cowboy’ firms and rogue operators. These companies take business away from legitimate businesses by undercutting costs yet they provide clients with sub-standard services. Too many times I have witnessed customers realise they have made a costly mistake by working with these companies.

Customers choosing a security company in London need to be vigilant about the security provider they are considering to employ. They must be made aware of the checks they need to carry out, and realise that by opting for a cheaper option, they are taking unnecessary risks which could means they will be compromised when something goes wrong.  And you never truly value your security company until something goes wrong.

I published a white paper – Managing Your Security – which offers businesses advice on selecting a security provider.  It provides organisations with a check list of key topics they should think about when looking at appointing a security provider. It is an informative guide that sheds light on how to recognise legitimate operators from the cowboys with the aim of giving businesses the insight they need in order to make an informed decision.

If you want to make sure that your business has the security it needs, and you want peace of mind, then it is worth your time and effort to find a security company who will do the job well. I’m always looking to give back to the industry and community that’s been so good to me and my hope is that my guide will help direct customers to legitimate security providers and divert them away from being stung by poor service and rogue traders.

Abbey Petkar

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