Mobile Security Patrols: Pick ‘n’ Mix Protection

Most businesses have security needs, but not all need 24/7 security. Whether your security requirements can be measured in minutes or hours, one officer or many, our mobile security patrols can scale up or down to give your business the protection it needs – no more, no less.

Mobile Security, there when you need us, gone when you don’t

Instead of providing a security guard that’s at your site permanently, our mobile patrol officers are shared between a range of sites, moving between them on a flexible timetable in energy efficient, Magenta liveried vehicles. Our mobile security officers are the same calibre as our static security guards: uniformed, full-time Magenta employees, SIA accredited and highly trained.

You can pick the duration and frequency of their patrols, whether it’s interior or exterior and include any number of additional security or health and safety checks you need performed.

For example, if you have an office block, you may need a security guard to make sure the premises are empty at the end of the work day, secure the building, lock all the doors and open them again in the morning. If it’s not within your budget or risk level to have a dedicated guard, having an officer perform the duties you require and nothing else can make sure your building and its contents are safe without spending more than you need.

We’ve been providing the above service for one office block for 15 years, which also includes several exterior patrols throughout the night to check that everything’s in order. Magenta mobile patrols also protect the Royal Parks, securing and locking them up at the end of the day and opening them in the morning, though, as this is a large job, it’s a dedicated patrol rather than one on a shared route.

Whatever your needs, we’ll find you a solution, even if it’s not part of our standard services. Flexibility plus quality is what keeps our customer satisfaction so high.

When criminals see Magenta, they back off

Criminals rarely attack a site unprepared. They may scout a location for weeks while they decide their plan of attack. If they see that your site is regularly visited by a Magenta vehicle with its amber light flashing, they’ll know it’s not worth the risk and choose a more vulnerable target.

The scalability of mobile patrols makes them perfect for temporary sites or sites that have a variable risk level, such as construction sites. When the building work’s starting in the early stages and there’s not much but mud, a couple of visits a night might be enough to keep it safe. But once valuable metals, wiring and equipment start being left overnight, you can scale up to more regular visits until the works are complete.

Static security guards may be the most effective deterrent, but if they’re too cost prohibitive then a mobile patrol is the next best thing. As with all our security services, high visibility signage will be provided to any site protected by our mobile patrols, letting criminals know that your site is protected by the best.

If your business would benefit from our mobile security patrols, get in touch with us now by calling 0800 772 3786.

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