Meeting Industry Standards

As the type of work a door supervisor carries out broadens, the degree of professionalism expected from staff increases with it. To meet high industry standards it’s important for door staff to participate in regular training to ensure they are equipped with the relevant skills.

Door staff are generally responsible for the safety of customers and other employees in places such as pubs, bars and nightclubs. But they are also needed for events which are held as part of a bigger event, such as a music event or public celebration.

Due to the nature of the environment they are working in, there will be times when they are called upon to diffuse hostile situations which require physical intervention. To ensure high standards are met, Government ministers recently agreed with recommendations from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) that, in the interests of public safety, physical intervention skills training should become mandatory for all door supervisors in the UK.

To make sure people remain safe when physical intervention is needed it’s important that door supervisors have successfully completed relevant training so they can carry out their duties effectively and professionally at all times.  Being equipped with the appropriate techniques and how to use them will help door staff manage difficult situations should they arise. Not only does this minimise the risk of injury to the public but also to themselves. It really can make a huge difference in how a situation is handled.

Magenta Security recently attained Approved Contractor Status (ACS) for door supervision from the SIA. As part of this, our staff have undergone the training required, and to ensure the high standards of ACS are maintained, staff will undergo further assessments every year. We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of service, and achieving ACS is recognition of the professional door supervision services we provide and the specialised skills our staff posses due to the continual training we undertake.

With demand for specialist security services continuing to grow, it’s great to see the industry reinforcing the importance of structured training as we strive to present a professional image.

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