Marketing Security

Security companies can market themselves in ways which are both cost effective and efficient. One of the key elements in adopting a marketing strategy is to identify your target audience. Interestingly and ideal for us as a sector – security services are ongoing and may not be subjected to market forces. There is however organisations and businesses that require security services but often resort to the services of non accredited security firms as they are cheaper. We need to highlight the advantages of hiring professionalism security firms in our messages if we are to affect our key target markets.

The second stage in the marketing strategy is to adopt the right tools to reach out to your audience. If you are ready to get the word out about your business, one of the steps that you should consider is to select the right media. A traditional ways is advertising, which might include television, radio, in print and on websites. Advertising helps by creating brand awareness with huge numbers of people in a given target markets.

At Magenta Security we have effectively used the above mentioned marketing tools to win new businesses and ensure growth during the tough economic climate. Recently, we have been shortlisted in the Security Excellence Awards in two categories for 2010: guarding company of the year and environmental initiative. At Magenta, we pride ourselves on getting to know each of our customers and their security needs. This enables us to put together individual tailor-made packages which meet their collective security requirements and we have effectively managed to get this across to our target audience.

Clearly, part of our success can be attributed to the adoption of persistent marketing strategies despite being hit by recession. This enabled us to maintain our presence in the market allowing us to win new businesses. Our experience shows that consistent marketing can bring long term benefits as the economy emerges out of recession – and we are going to adopt the some strategies in 2011 . Go on, take a leaf out of our book and explore the possibilities of growth through smart marketing strategies. You might realise recession doesn’t bite that badly after all.

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