Manned Guarding Services – Commonly Asked Questions

Manned Guarding Services – Security Questions Answered

To help explain some elements of a successful security provision, we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions in relation to Manned Guarding Services to help you understand whether it’s right for you and your organisation.

What is the difference between manned guarding services and security guards?

The terms are used interchangeably within the security industry meaning that a manned guarding service is run by security guards. This could take one of two forms: static security or mobile security provision. Static security provision, such as security guards being assigned to a certain location or mobile security guards who are more appropriate where there is a large area or several locations to patrol. Security guards on a mobile patrol provide a tailored service, visiting premises at either random or pre-agreed times during the day and night.

When is a Manned guarding security provision most appropriate?

Manned guarding security provision is most appropriate when there’s a need to protect people, equipment, processes, spaces and high value assets. Manned guards work in conjunction with other systems and technologies such as CCTV monitoring and alarms systems to provide a complete security service.

What are the main services a manned guard can provide?

Typical services provided by manned guards include:

Why might I need manned guarding service?

Your organisation may be experiencing a rise in vandalism, theft, criminal activity or anti-social behaviour and you are wanting to put security measures in place to counter these issues. Your organisation may have moved premises and are unsure of the risks within the new area. There may be high value assets within the business you’d like to protect. It may be clearly evident that there’s a need for additional protection for employees during the working day. Finally, you may have seen a massive rise in insurance premiums and looking for ways to reduce costs.

How much do Manned Guards typically cost?

There is no, one size fits all when it comes to manned guarding services. Your security package should be bespoke to your organisation and should include discussions about the nature and level of the risks to security, review of current practices, site surveys and options that fit within your budget.

As with all things in life and in business it is not simply a question of cost but more importantly what represents good value. Before accepting any quote it’s vital to ensure that all guards are licenced by the SIA, that guards are being paid at or above the living wage levels, are properly trained, managed and supported with back up should it be required.

Security should be seen as an asset and an investment that provides a return every day. Think of the costs associated with interruption to operations and customer service compromises. There’s the time taken to manage the issues associated with a security breach. There’s even the cost of damage to reputation to consider too. With effective security provision, these significant costs will be avoided.

Are there any accreditations, certifications or licences I should look out for hiring manned guards?

Security guards should be verified and carry a SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence. The SIA is a department of the UK Home Office. The role of the SIA is to ensure that the legal requirements of all employees working in the security industry are appropriately adhered to, making sure that everyone is correctly licenced for their job role, as it is a criminal offence to work in the industry without being correctly licenced.

Do Manned Guards work independently or do I need additional security features?

Manned guards can work as a standalone security provision, however typically they work in conjunction with other systems such as keyholding, CCTV security and alarm response depending upon the nature and scale of the security risks on site..

What are the benefits of having a manned security provision?
Is manned guarding service right for my organisation?

The first step to establish whether manned guarding services are right for your organisation is to conduct a thorough site survey and risk assessment. This would include considerations about the location, size of the business, number of staff, nature of the business, current security measures and your requirements and expected outcomes.

However you should be assured that, no matter the size or nature of your organisation manned guarding can help, whether you require front of house access and exit, night patrols or onsite security. Here are a few examples of businesses that can benefit from using manned guarding service to protect their people and equipment, processes and spaces:

How do I know if the security guards are employed or sub contracted?

When deciding on which company to use for your security provision you need to make sure that their security guards are employees of the organisation and not self-employed or subcontracted. They should be CRB checked and Right to Work checked and should be matched to the customers’ requirements based on specific profiling to ensure the best fit. English language and personality tests should be carried out by the organisation before employing the security personnel.

How quickly can I get manned guards in place?

Following a site survey and risk assessments your security provider should be able to get you up and running within 12-24 hours depending upon the scale of the security provision required.

How do I know if my security guards are fully trained and up to date with all the latest developments in the industry?

Your security supplier should provide consistent training and development for staff. Ensure questions Your security supplier should provide consistent training and development for staff. When you are researching manned guarding service providers, be sure to question your provider about the ongoing training and development they provide for their security guards. Check the company website and social media platforms to see whether they are talking about training undertaken, accreditations received and courses they have attended. Always check to confirm that all guards are SIA licenced.

How do I know if my security supplier uses the latest technology?

Technology plays an important role in the security industry. Your security supplier should be able to integrate modern technology into existing technology to be a valuable enabler to providing effective security services. Your security supplier should be confident with the physical solutions and be able to demonstrate efficiencies in these areas. Check whether your security supplier is talking about new technology, new legislation or changes in the industry. Case studies and examples should be readily available when discussing options with your security supplier.

Manned Guarding Services working to deliver a return on investment

Your manned guarding service should be able to adapt to your organisation’s requirements. Whether you require a team of security guards, security monitoring equipment or an individual guard your provider should be able to scale up or down quickly and efficiently for a seamless security provision that will help to drive efficiency gains and provide real ROI for your business.. 

Through extensive experience, the team at Magenta Security are able to offer tailored and flexible solutions that set the standard for every security requirement. We are a member of the ACS scheme, which we joined at inception in 2006, over the years we have constantly achieved a rating that put us in the top 5% of members. To find out more about a security service that provides true added value, get in touch today and see how we can help your business achieve its security objectives. Our team of experts will discuss your specific requirements and provide a tailored quote to meet your needs.

Magenta Security provide award winning security services throughout the UK. We are in the top 5% of ACS approved contractors and were the first security company in Europe to be awarded ISO 14001 for our environmental management systems.

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