Making A Mark In Security

What’s the definition of an influential person? Put simply, the English dictionary defines it as a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events.

In the security industry, credibility is the most fundamental selling point and attribute. If you are seen as having the quality of being believable or worthy of trust then you are in a position to influence the field you work in.

Magenta Security has worked hard to gain and maintain a place amongst the top security companies based on our reputation for achieving high standards and changing the perception of the whole industry. We do this by taking into consideration the impact our actions have.

As a security professional I am very aware that the industry has been plagued with unaccredited suppliers, who sell services and then deliver substandard work. And too many clients have been burned by these ‘cowboys’.

Never has there been a more appropriate use for the old adage “practice what you preach”. In Magenta’s case preach what you practice is also relevant. As a leader, Magenta has worked hard to change the perception of the industry through the implementation of standards and market leading initiatives. For example, we pride ourselves on the quality of services. And to demonstrate our credibility, we offer money back guarantees and long term fixed prices to clients.

Another area we have committed to is becoming a voice on environmental policies. Much of the company’s success in winning business is not just due to its quality services but commitment to CSR and environmental standards. By sharing our experience and offering free advice to other security companies to implement environmental best practice policies, we’re putting Magenta Security on the map as the beacon for high standards.

Magenta Security does more than serve the industry. We’re doing all we can to improve the image of the security industry, working tirelessly to push standards for the benefit of the people we serve. And when we were recently included in the Most Influential List compiled by a well respected industry publication, it was confirmation that Magenta Security strives to provide the highest standards for the benefit of its clients, and the industry.

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