Magenta Security continues to make significant environmental investments

Magenta Security Services continues to make great strides in sustainable development through it’s continued investment in environmental initiatives.

Considered one of the most environmentally friendly companies in the security industry, Magenta has installed solar panels on the roof of its headquarters in Hounslow to significantly reduce its energy usage. The solar panels generate 9 kilowatt hour per hour of electricity allowing Magenta to generate 40% of the electricity it needs.

The company has also invested in a state-of the art heating system which will further reduce electricity use by 20% and Desso Eco based carpets which can be recycled and used for other rubber products at the end of its lifespan reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.

Magenta was the first manned guarding company to achieve ISO 14001 and has since gone on to create a business founded on sustainability, with many organisations within the sector following its lead.

Abbey Petkar, Managing Director of Magenta Security, commented: “As a direct result of our investment, the energy performance of our headquarters has improved dramatically and our energy bill is predicted to reduce by 70% in the space of four years. The environment is at the forefront of many people’s minds, so we’re proud to have strong green credentials. Our clients have told us they want to work with companies who are focused on corporate social responsibility, and our strategy has helped us win many contracts over the years. The reduction in energy usage we have achieved by implementing these measures, amongst others, has had a positive effect on our business, staff, clients and of course the environment.”

Other initiatives that have helped Magenta reduce their energy usage over the years have included:
• The installation of environmentally friendly lighting systems throughout its offices resulting in a 50% reduction in electricity costs.
• A fleet of electric cars which not only reduce carbon emissions, but running costs too.
• An investment of £25,000 in digital systems to create a paperless office which has reduced paper usage by 125,000 sheets per year.

Magenta Security has its head office in Hounslow, with operations in Swindon, Birmingham, Manchester and Kent. It provides a variety of internal and external security solutions including security guards and officers, mobile security patrols, electronic security and CCTV remote monitoring.

For more information call 0800 772 3786.

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