Is Collaboration the Future of the Industry?

International collaboration and co-ordination between security agencies have been around since the early 20th century. The most famously known of course, is the International Criminal Police Organization, better known as INTERPOL, which was established in 1923. Other forms of security collaboration that exist between states involve intelligence sharing and intergovernmental military alliances like NATO which is based on collective defence of its members. However, in the realm of the private security industry, this trend is relatively new. As big private security agencies embark on global expansion, the need to collaborate with local security agencies is increasingly becoming necessary to understand the cultural, logistical and other strategic issues of a foreign country.

The growth of private security agencies is in itself partly an outcome of globalisation. As corporates set up their offices around the world, the security and safety of their property and people became an issue of paramount importance. Private security companies have responded by rushing to provide expertise and by even flying teams into foreign territories. However, like any other businesses, the understanding of local environment is vital in order to deliver world class security services. To create that perfect solution, many private security companies are now partnering with local security agencies in different countries to provide a range of security services.

Such partnerships are effective for a number of reasons: they are mutually cost effective and there is an exchange of technology, logistics and expertise. Such partnerships help in expanding business by winning clients based on local reputation and global experience.

Recently, Magenta Security has partnered with US based private security giant company, Apollo. The partnership will give Magenta Security an opportunity to take up security activities for both US and non-US clients in the UK. The international partnership is an incredible achievement for Magenta Security. It is an acknowledgement of our track record for providing highly professional services across a number of sectors and industries in the UK.

We have also partnered with Chubb Emergency Response, a leading provider of security and fire safety solutions The partnership, which was announced recently, will allow Chubb Emergency Response to develop its manned guarding offering through the expertise and long standing knowledge of Magenta’s team.

As a company we are very excited about these partnerships, it is a pleasure to see such encouraging developments especially at the time of recession. Clearly, there are exciting times waiting for the security industry as we emerge out of the recession.

Abbey Petkar

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