How We Retain Our Security Staff

On average, the security industry has a high level of staff turnover and attrition, and suffers from at least 30% employee turnover. In the last 10 years, Magenta has had a turnover of 9.7% – a figure well below the national average. In fact, during the last 12 months, Magenta has seen zero changes to our security staff.

We can attribute such a high retention level to the training, motivation and benefits we give employees. Some members of staff have been with the organisation since 1995. Since January, all new members of staff have passed their probation, settling in to their business roles and embarking on NVQ training.

Top security officers and helpful customer service are perfectly matched with the right employees to provide clients with the best service. We provide training and support for staff which allows security and customer service to be combined effectively – overseen by our focused team of client managers.

Our staff are incentivised to stay with the company via the schemes we offer. To celebrate the commitment of our staff, we organise an annual staff awards ceremony which recognises individual achievement while on duty and for meritorious service. As part of this, our clients are issued with service certificates and gift vouchers, which they can award to Magenta employees who have been outstanding. Clients issue the incentives to Magenta staff working on their site, and they are also involved with the giving of long service awards.

Magenta has also agreed staff discounts with suppliers such as mobile phones, heating bills and travel. The company has long been advocating for pensions for security guards, and taken measures which are seen as noteworthy in the security industry. We pay employees higher rates to reflect the cost of living in a modern society.

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