Going The Extra Mile

Magenta Security prides itself on the quality of its services. By going the extra mile we are renowned within the security sector for the partnering approach we take to client relationships and for offering tailor-made security packages that meet, and exceed, client requirements.

We’re listen to the feedback we get from customers. We found that some clients were looking for additional concierge services alongside our traditional security offering. And they wanted to be able to get them from one supplier. With the external partnerships we have developed, we felt Magenta was ideally placed to provide the services they needed.

Our expanded portfolio now includes services such as luxury car hire and housekeeping. The chauffeur service, for example, is aimed at the luxury market, with Magenta able to provide up to 40 Mercedes vehicles which seat 7 people, and can be used to transport high profile businessmen and celebrities who require trained and licensed security personnel, who are close protection experts, throughout their stay in the UK.

We strive hard to provide the best possible service. By working with customers and external suppliers, we can respond quickly, efficiently and professionally to their additional requirements as and when they need them.

Expanding our portfolio of services is part of our long term strategy for growth and demonstrates our commitment to provide customers with a tailored package which meets their individual requirements. And it’s all backed by a strong service-based ethos and intensive account management.

To ensure additional services are delivered to the same high standards as our own, we have strict systems in place against which partners are checked and vetted. And we operate a transparent system so our clients can see reports at any time, which helps build and maintain good working relationships.

Magenta’s approach to business shows that not only to partnerships build long term relationships with clients, but by working with other companies we can also grow and give our customers more.

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