Giving Back to Society

I was recently asked who I would most like to have met, living or dead, and why. Giving an answer was easy: Sir Richard Branson. And I’ll tell you why; because we have a shared interest in charitable work.

Sir Richard has done a lot of work with people like Nelson Mandela to try and eradicate poverty and provide education and healthcare for children in third world countries. Charity is something that I have always been mindful of, and as a result Magenta is heavily involved in charitable work in Africa, India and the UK. What Richard Branson has achieved is in-line with what I would like to do in the future.

We’ve been involved with Water Well projects in Africa and we also sponsor a school for the blind in India. Closer to home we have been involved in various projects relating to children, such as the Road Safety campaign which provides board games to hundreds of schools to make sure children are aware of the risks on the road. The charity work we have done is something I would like to learn from and develop further in the future.

Alongside Magenta’s commitment to the environment, charity is central to our corporate social responsibility strategy. Business is not just about being successful but also about giving something back in the hope it makes a better society for all of us to live in.

Abbey Petkar

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