Unprecedented Times & COVID-19

Magenta Security have been protecting the people, property and assets of London and the UK for over two decades. Never before have we seen anything like the current situation that we’re living through. These are truly unprecedented times and with all but non essential businesses being forced to close and employees being told to work from home wherever possible many businesses are being left vulnerable.

Whilst working remotely maintains business operations it also creates a security risk for empty commercial premises, office equipment and business assets. Unfortunately, there’s an element of society that are willing to take advantage of these kinds of situations and see the current Government lockdown as an opportunity. These aren’t normal conditions and every business owner needs to make sure that their commercial assets are kept safe and protected.

How to stay safe

Many businesses are facing challenges due to the sweeping measures brought in to combat the COVID-19 pandemic but that doesn’t mean that they should put commercial property and assets at risk. Magenta Security are experienced at handling a diverse range of security requirements across many different sectors that businesses need in order to stay protected. We’ve adapted security plans to ensure that not only commercial assets stay safe during these unprecedented times but balance sheets stay protected as well.

Moving customers from static guards to highly visible mobile patrols is just one way that we can ensure that business premises are kept safe, costs are kept under control, and jobs and livelihoods are kept secure.

Whilst a static security guard is one of the safest ways to protect a business during normal operating conditions if employees aren’t coming in to work then the need for a full-time guard is greatly reduced. In situations like this moving from a static guard to a mobile patrol is one way that a business can stay protected and keep costs under control.

Deploy mobile security guards

Our mobile security patrols operate alone and in branded vehicles with the backing of our 24/7 security control room. They are an effective solution to keeping commercial assets safe when the need for a static guard is reduced. They purposely patrol at varying times during any given 24hr period and are providing constant updates to our security command centre. If any one of our mobile security units has any cause for concern our command centre will provide a swift and decisive response in minutes which means that you can rest assured that your business is protected at all times.

Since 1995 we’ve been providing security services to ensure the protection of all types of businesses, no matter how big or small. With SIA-approval and remaining in the top 5% of private security firms in the UK you can rest assured knowing that we have you protected.

Call us on 0800 772 3786 to find out how our mobile security patrols can keep your business premises and commercial assets safe during these unprecedented times.

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