Confidence in Specialists Remains High

Despite the rise of “one-stop-shop” facilities management and security providers during the last decade, Magenta’s recent survey highlights an overwhelming preference for specialists rather than multi-service providers.

Magenta Security Services, Abbey Petkar: “The respondents to our survey, which included retailers, facilities managers, leisure facility managers and commercial property managers, clearly indicated their preference for single service providers and experts in security.”

When asked whether they prefer to work with security professionals and additional single service suppliers such as caterers, cleaners etc or a single consolidated supplier capable of providing all services; the results were as follows:

Security Specialists / individual suppliers – 88%
One-stop-shop / consolidated suppliers – 12%

Petkar continues: “We frequently come across companies who have tried ‘one-stop-shop’ providers and been disappointed by their lack of expertise and desire to provide services on the cheap. Security services in particular fall short of expectations as staff assigned to security roles are also required to clean or garden. Whilst anyone can see why combined services might bring about cost savings, particularly in terms of management efficiency and time, it instantly reduces the effectiveness of the actual services and in the case of security could potential cost a business far more in the long term due to security failings.”

(Businesses surveyed included retailers, public authorities, recreational facilities and commercial buildings.)

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