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Did Crime Rates Really Fall in 2021?

While speaking in the House of Commons in February, Boris Johnson claimed that crime had fallen by 14%. This figure, pulled from the Crime Survey of England and Wales, excluded fraud and cyber crime – a fiddling of the figures that was widely condemned. Ignoring the prime minister’s spin, there are many interesting findings in the Crime Survey of England and Wales, which compares crime figures for the year ending September 2021 to the year ending September 2019, providing insight […]

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2021 in Review: Magenta Security’s Triumphs and Challenges

As we look back on 2021, the one thing we won’t talk about is COVID. It’s a topic we’ve covered throughout the pandemic and though it was certainly the defining feature of the year, we’re sure you’re as tired of reading about it as we are. Instead, let’s talk about everything else. We launched Threat Evolution, a new cyber security division After years of planning, 2021 was our moment to expand into cyber security. Magenta Security has always taken a […]

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2021 in Review: an Interview with Abbey Petkar on Climate, COVID and Compassion

As we shake off the dust from 2021 and dig in for what the next year has in store, we sit down with Abbey Petkar, Managing Director of Magenta Security, to reflect on the ups, downs and lessons learned from running a security company during yet another historic year.   Looking back on 2021, how would you summarise Magenta Security’s year in business? It’s been a busy year and a difficult year due to COVID, but it hasn’t stopped us […]

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COVID, Climate and Christmas – Wrapping Up a Challenging Year

Security companies are used being prepared. Risk mitigation is, after all, most of what we do. But nothing could have prepared us for 2021 – not even 2020. For all its challenges, the year did provide some silver linings, including (fingers crossed) a green light for a somewhat normal Christmas. The worst of the pandemic should be behind us We may not be free of the pandemic yet but, thankfully, the vaccine rollout has dramatically reduced the severity of COVID-19 […]

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What Caused the Supply Chain Crisis and When Will it End?

Queues for petrol, empty shelves and Christmas stock worries are the symptoms of a supply chain crisis that has shaken the UK and the world. We must be realistic about the causes of the crisis and how long it will last – neither of which are good news. Global “just-in-time” trade has been stretched to breaking point “Just-in-time” has defined global trade in the 21st century. This methodology is the logistical miracle that enables next-day-delivery convenience and fully-stocked shop shelves. […]

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Upcoming Technology that will Change the Security Industry

In the 25 years that Magenta Security has been in business, technology has fundamentally changed how we protect the people and places in our care. Internet connected CCTV, NFC chips and the now taken-for-granted ability for a security guard to carry a smart device has made our services more secure and convenient than ever before. We have no reason to think the next 25 years will not be just as transformed by technology as the last. Here are the three […]

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Magenta Security Turns 25: How to Achieve Success in the Security Industry

Throughout the entirety of Magenta Security’s 25 years in business, security has been a growth industry, and there is no sign that it is slowing. Innovations in technology, overwhelmed police forces and increased demand for private security have continued to fuel growth to this day. But despite the health of the industry as a whole, very few security companies survive 10 years, let alone 25. Why is the security industry so tough for companies trying to establish themselves? “This is […]

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Magenta Security Turns 25: What Has and Has Not Changed?

2020 is the year Magenta Security celebrates our quarter-century of business. From our modest beginnings in a cramped office managing a handful of guards, we are now proud to be a nationwide security company pushing industry standards forward on multiple fronts. While we wish 2020 provided more reasons to celebrate, we still want to take this opportunity to look back on the past 25 years with a series of articles dedicated to this milestone. Today, we are sharing the ways […]

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COVID-19: Are London’s Packed Parks Prepared for Summer?

London has always enjoyed an exceptional quantity of parks and other outdoor spaces but they have become truly vital to the physical and mental health of Londoners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parks provide opportunities to socialise, exercise or simply enjoy some much needed sun and air while continuing to maintain social distancing. But this unprecedented usage has put strain on parks and has occasionally made social distancing impossible – as seen when Brockwell Park and Victoria Park were forced to […]

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COVID-19: Are UK Pubs and Restaurants Ready to Reopen?

The hospitality sector has been amongst the hardest hit by the COVID-19 lockdown, with just 11% of businesses able to operate normally. With 99% of hospitality businesses classed as SMEs and 67% of people in the UK expecting it to be “months” before they will visit a restaurant again, there is tremendous uncertainty over how many businesses will survive the pandemic. It is vital for the future of the UK’s restaurants and pubs that a phased reopening happens as soon […]

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