Back to Basics Security: Key Holding, Mobile Patrols and Static Guards

2022 is being celebrated as the year we return to normal. Time will tell whether this optimism is earned but for now all pandemic restrictions have been shed and the beginnings of the post-pandemic economy are taking form.

With face-to-face business returning after a long absence, this is the ideal time to provide a refresher on security fundamentals. If you’re looking for security for your new premises or need to enhance protection for your current site, the following services are the best starting point to build your security strategy.

Key holding and alarm response – the essential security service

Key holding means, quite literally, holding your keys. This secures a spare pair in trusted hands if your site needs to be accessed out of hours, for example, to allow access for emergency repairs. Key holding security officers can also lock and unlock premises on your behalf rather than have such duties delegated to staff.

Key holding is doubly valuable when combined with alarm response, as the services typically are. If your alarm goes off, a security officer will attend the site, check for intruders, investigate the reason for the alarm and, if required, notify emergency services on your behalf.

Alarm response times vary from provider to provider – at Magenta Security, we aim to respond and secure sites within 20 minutes of an alarm activation. Of course, an alarm response service is only as good as the alarm itself, so make sure yours has been recently serviced and tested.

Mobile patrols – adaptable security when you need it

Mobile patrols refer to when a security guard or guards visit your premises for specific duties but are otherwise not on-site. By attending to your site as part of their larger rounds, mobile patrols perform the services you require without the cost of a permanent security presence.

For example, you might want a security guard to visit your premises once a night to check for health and safety risks; you might want a security guard present during a weekly high value delivery; or you might want a regular patrol to deter criminals.

Mobile patrol services are adaptable and convenient, typically combined with key holding and alarm response as an additional layer of security. Mobile patrols can be scheduled as a temporary or ongoing arrangement that scales up or down as you need, perfect for companies with specific and time sensitive security needs.

Static guarding – ultimate on-site protection

Despite their name, static guards do not remain stuck in place. Static simply means the security guard is dedicated to a single premises rather than visiting as part of a wider patrol.

Static guards are typically deployed to sites with a high risk of security breaches or where access control is required. If there is ever a situation where you need someone to be removed from your premises, only licensed security guards or police can legally do so – and police can take a very long time to show up.

Security guards in static roles often carry many responsibilities on top of security. They can double as front of house, as information points, as health and safety officers, as escorts and as first aiders. Even the most high tech security system needs a security guard at its core and a single guard will often juggle many roles.

As you can see, there are security guard services available for every budget, whether you want a trusted professional to respond to alarms or a team of officers to protect your premises every day.

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Magenta Security provide award winning security services throughout the UK. We are in the top 5% of ACS approved contractors and were the first security company in Europe to be awarded ISO 14001 for our environmental management systems.

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