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COVID, Climate and Christmas – Wrapping Up a Challenging Year

Security companies are used being prepared. Risk mitigation is, after all, most of what we do. But nothing could have prepared us for 2021 – not even 2020. For all its challenges, the year did provide some silver linings, including (fingers crossed) a green light for a somewhat normal Christmas. The worst of the pandemic should be behind us We may not be free of the pandemic yet but, thankfully, the vaccine rollout has dramatically reduced the severity of COVID-19 […]

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Climate Protests: Security Threat or Necessary Pressure?

Disruptive climate protests are, by design, controversial. Disruptive action grabs headlines and spreads a message but public sympathy dries up when ordinary people are inconvenienced. Meanwhile, protestors don’t seem to care about the lack of public support or legal consequences – history, they believe, will prove them right. This is all fairly ordinary for a protest movement, though what is not ordinary about current disruptive climate protests, such as Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain, is the even representation across age […]

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Climate Emergency: Businesses Must Work Together for a Green Economy

The climate emergency is here. In their most recent and exhaustive report, the IPCC found conclusive evidence of global warming caused by human activity. The report also warned that further warming is inevitable. Whether such warming is within manageable levels or catastrophic for human life will depend on how greatly carbon emissions can be reduced in the coming years. Already in 2021 we have seen the damage and loss of life caused by extreme weather events in Canada, Germany, Greece, […]

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